Monday, May 28, 2012

Down by the O U T L E T

It's been hot here in upstate New York. Probably like most of the east coast. Yesterday and today we drove into town and walked by the outlet. The boy scouts and the town have worked hard to make a beautiful 1.5 mile trail by the water. There are just gobs of wild roses (New York's state flower) and flaxs. It smells like heaven and looks pert near close. 

my sister Sarah and her fiance Adam
We put wild roses in her hair :o)

Looking downt the outlet from the launch where we waded

I wasn't fast enough to get a shot of the big blue heron that lives here. I named him Gus.
Someone painted that rock to look like an alligator head ??? Kinda fun, right?

flax everywhere!!!

the Leigh High valley rail road bridge. out of service now. there was a train wreck there in 1911 where the train derailed and came right over the edge into the outlet.


  1. beautiful photos!

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  2. What a pretty place! I can't wait until I live near trees and water again:-)