Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Havok Designs

A few weeks ago on twitter I found about this really cool Valentine's Day giveaway by Havok Designs. I 

saw the chevron necklace and earring set they were giving away and LOVED it! Naturally, I entered but I 

didn't think I'd win-- but I did! It totally made my day when Kristen emailed to tell me I'd won!!! Kristen 

even made a beautiful, personalized box for my jewelry-- a box that I will keep forever! Thank you Kristen 

Here are some photos of me wearing my beautiful jewelry. Note : I changed out the earrings from their 

French hooks to clips because I don't have my ears pierced but you can see them originally in the box. :o)

Be sure to check Havok Designs on Etsy!!! Right HERE !

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sarah+Adam's New (old) House

My family and I had fun last weekend perusing the house Adam just bought!!! It's so cute, nestled in the countryside of upstate NY. Granted it needs a lot of love and work but Sarah and Adam are just the couple to do it. Adam has already been making progress during evenings when he gets home from work. Their wedding is June 8th so we have some time to beautify the house before Sarah moves in.

We had a "picnic" in the living room, sitting in lawn chairs and eating cinnamon bread with tea that Rachel and Spencer (and baby Micah) brought. 
This is a big, exciting step in our family. I will cherish the next few months Sarah is in our house but once she is moved it will be precious to have another place in the world to feel warm and welcome.