Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Telegraph Newsletter !

I am starting a newsletter! Please sign up at the top right hand-side of this blog or click here sign up . The goal is to give the folks who want to take the time to keep up with Let's Backtrack some perks like exclusive coupon codes and first viewings of new merchandise. Everyone who has kept in touch, made purchases, or just dropped a line to say how much they like what I do has meant the world to me. Sometimes in life we feel like our best isn't enough but that isn't the case with Let's Backtrack. You've all encouraged me and made this endeavor of mine not only profitable but more fulfilling than you can know. It's a lot of work but in an easy sort of way-- I think that's because I love it so much. Here's to a season like no other. I'm pulling out all the stops with fabric and design. I look forward to sharing some higher end designs but don't worry I'll keep the standbys, too :o) Thank you ♥


  1. Hi Hannah, I have discovered your etsy shop I believe shortly after you opened it. Great work!You have done so brilliantly! I've been on Etsy nearly as long as you, but am struggling to make sales. Any advice you could give me? Many thanks and keep up great work!

    1. Hi Petra! Thank you!!! I think your shop is really great! I'm going to convo you soon with some tips I've picked up that have been super helpful. Definitely the biggest thing has been treasuries and I'll go into detail about in my convo. :o) Talk to you soon!

  2. So excited to hear about your newsletter! Can't wait to see all your new goodies...Happy Sewing!!! Natalie jo

  3. Totally excited about the newsletter, and looking forward to your return to Etsy :)