Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vintage Chair + Toaster

So, I found the chair of my dreams at an Estate Sale the other day. It is just perfect for my kitchen. I'm a kitchen dweller. I can barely cook (working on that) but ever since I was a child I've loved sitting in kitchens. They feel so casual and cozy. Right now, I'm sitting in this chair with my laptop on the little counter listening to Matthew Perryman Jones sipping my coffee. The sun streams through my kitchen widow every morning and this place just glows. 

At the same sale, I bought a toaster! I was making toast in a skillet so when I saw this brave little toaster for $2 it was a no-brainer... even though I wasn't sure if it worked. When I flipped the toaster over the bottom read that the guarantee had expired July 1968. Well it works! And beautifully at that. Seriously-- like diner toast. 

Butter dish : Anthropologie
Shoes : Thrifted
Rug : Wal-mart


  1. The colors in your new place are so warm and cozy! Love the captures of your pup, as well.

    1. Thank you!!! I'm having fun adding punches of color here and there :o) Thanks again for stopping by~