Monday, November 19, 2012


Well... I feel kinda behind! I admire folks who keep up with their blogs and share awesome info or just simple, beautiful pictures from their lives. I guess I feel like my life is chaotic. I don't want to share photos of my studio because it's like a fabric bomb went off in here. I don't have anything cool to say or projects to share. I've been kinda burning the candle at both ends all the while trying to figure out what I SHOULD be doing. That's tricky business, ahaha! Through all the upheaval of the last few weeks I have had Beulah my steady companion :o) She has actually inspired me to draw a bit. I don't draw well but the sketch I did of her was kinda cute. I was thinking of turning it into blank cards to sell in my etsy shop. Anyone done that before? I'm forever trying to find new ways to be creative and earn a little extra ca$h. Maybe you know how that is.

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