Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My twin sister and her husband are so blessed to welcome their gorgeous baby boy, Micah. He was born  July 9. Rachel was in labor 19 hours. It wasn't easy for her but she was so brave. I can't begin to say how proud I am of her, how sweet Spencer was, and how much I love our family's new addition. Micah holds my heart. I look forward to being a part of his beautiful life. Instead of "Aunt Hannah" Rachel decided he'd call me Nina because that is what she calls me sometimes. I like it -- a lot ♥ I was in the labor room the entire time. When Rachel asked me to be there I was worried. Blood, pain, bodily fluids -- not really my deal. I didn't feel qeezy once-- well, maybe that once but it was okay. I was glad I could be there to pray with Rachel and just be close. The entire thing was surreal for me. I don't think new life is something we can wrap our minds around because it's heavenly.

Micah 1 day old
Me and Micah

Micah and his Papa 


  1. How precious! Congratulations to your sister and the rest of your family! :-)

    1. Thank you Lauren!!! We are so happy and blessed :o)