Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bottomed Out -- oops.

It's probably obvious to those or you who were paying attention that I have "failed" with the self portrait photo challenge. Taking a picture of yourself EVERY day is not as fun as it sounds, lol! I don't even think I made it a week. However I love taking pictures of people.  I think the whole self portrait thing has taught me a little about portrait photography in general. I look forward to using this knowledge on my friends and family.

The weeks here have been busy. I've been filling orders for Let's Backtrack. Brainstorming a new video and website. I also have a couple of outside jobs that seem extra busy with the hustle of summer.

I did some antiquing with my family on Monday and that was my mini vacation. I haven't been on an actual vacation in 6 years but this day trip was enough to keep me happy a little longer. There are so many cute towns in upstate New York I haven't seen yet. We finished our trip in the town of Skaneateles over looking it's beautiful lake. We've been visiting Skaneateles since I was really little. We ALWAYS get dinner at Doug's Fish Fry. To be honest, this restaurant is why I'm a pescatarian and not a vegetarian. Here are a few phone photos from our day :


  1. I am really fan of your blog. your dresses are really nice and I love your pictures!

    1. thank you so, so much!!! I love hearing positive feedback about what I'm doing :o) It keeps me going. You're the best. Take care! Hannah