Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thinking Out Loud

Day 2 : a beautiful mess photo challenge

So today started off busy and then I found myself in the Dollar General without a single place I was obligated to rush off to. It was really freeing. I didn't have a job to be at, no one was waiting for me, my dog wasn't in the car. It was just me. Alone. In the Dollar General. It felt really nice. I had run in there to grab inner tubes (which I will tell you about later) and wound up buying a couple odds-n-ends I've missed while setting up house for the first time. Heck, I even purchased Beulah some Lassie dog treats.

Sometimes, I feel lonely but I reckon even married people do... sometimes. It's life. But tonight as I drove home, I admired the traces of pink in the sky as the sun nearly set. I drove past miles of farmland and smelled to dewy fields. Simon and Garfunkel crackled through the radio of my 22 year old Volvo and Beulah was chilling in the passenger seat. At that moment I realized how much I really love my life. I mean I work hard and have little. I haven't been anywhere or done anything truly impressive. I'm a little nobody with a little life but I really am okay with it. I like my little life. I use to feel so inadequate then I realized I didn't have anything to prove. I thank God for carrying me everyday and for His grace and His example of Love. Love those who Love you. Love those who hate you. Love those who believe the same as you do and Love those who don't. There's a shocking amount of freedom in that.


  1. This is lovely, Hannah. From a little nobody who likes her own little life just fine too :)

  2. I understand and agree with what you express so much.... and the feelings that are created within my heart bring a smile to my face that is as big as the sky itself :):)

  3. My goodness, the way you've worded these feelings is so incredibly beautiful, and went through right to my heart. It felt like you were the "little voice" inside my head :) And please don't take that the wrong way... And yes, we all get lonely, despite our relationship with whoever is around us... I know I do. And all those who say they don't, well, they lie. But there is a sense of freedom in that feeling too and that makes it all just a little easier and more beautiful. Liberating.