Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's Happening Here

Over the last week I've been sewing a lot. Let's Backtrack on Etsy has been keeping me super busy and I

like that ♥.

Each morning I wake up and Beulah (my corgi) is snuggled up next to me. The fire goes out in the night and the

mornings here are cold. I've added another vintage granny square afghan to my bed. There is nothing like the

weight and warmth of a handmade, wool, afghan.

I make some coffee in the vintage coffee pot I picked up at an estate sale for $5. I scramble a couple of eggs

and make toast. I check my emails and plug in my iron and set to work

The day flies and before I know it it's after 2. I make a cup of tea and find an old movie on YouTube. I set

up my laptop on the chest across from my ironing board. I can't give the movie my full attention but it's just

nice to hear the familiar voices and catch a funny one liner.

I picked up this cheery primrose at the grocery store last week. I'm looking forward to spring but then

isn't everybody? ♥

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