Friday, June 22, 2012

When I was a Cleaning Girl

I came across this slideshow I made 4 years ago. Back then my twin sister and I were 21 and we worked as housekeepers at a big old manor house where 17 senior citizens lived. It was a very unique "old folks" home. It was a real home setting with one big dinning room table, living room and parlor. The house wound about like a maze and when Rachel and I started working there at 19 we had a time finding our way around! While most young people our age were at college we were here. We cleaned up after the residents we grew to love and consider family. I loved the big old house whose floors I scrubbed and whose hidden stairways and rooms and nooks my sister and I discovered as "the housekeepers". It wasn't a glamours job and we took it out of necessity when our Dad left in order to help Mom keep the house. I don't say this in a woe-as-me kind of way because looking back I can see how beautiful it all was. Rachel and I worked there for 3 1/2 years. Some mornings as I tied on my apron and started collecting the trash I was scared that I would never amount to anything better than a cleaning girl. But then one of the residents would say "Good morning sunshine! How's my girl?" 

Those years were like a mini life time all their own. It seems like it was all a wonderful dream. I miss it. I wish I hadn't worried so much back then about what people thought or what I'd become. Things rarely turn out the way we think but they always turn out. :o)

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